Setting up monitoring software
Setting up EthMonitoring tool is very easy and quick. Just follow these steps for quick setup.

1. Download EthMonitoring tool

Download monitoring tool from open-source GitHub here:
For EthMiner:

This currently supports only Windows. Also this tool requires .NET Framework 4.6.1 installed (

2. Unpack .ZIP file and run EthMonitoring.exe


3. Insert access token to text input

Access token can be found on "Settings" page.


4. Add new miner hosts

You can add different type of miners to EthMonitoring, they can be in local network or over internet (requires port forwarding).
Local network usually dosen't require port forwarding only to accept in local machine firewall.
If the EthMonitoring tool is in the same machine you can set host: "localhost".


5. When miner hosts added press "Start monitoring"


6. New miners will appear on "Miners" page

There you can configure what coin you are mining for profits, notifications and monitor your rig

Tips and tricks for miner software API

— Claymore’s miner v9.4 needs to be enabled in firewall, v9.3 doesn’t have this problem.
— EWBF needs to have --api command line parameter added to enable API access.
— CCMiner-Alexis 1.0 needs to have --api-bind= parameter in the command line for API access.

EWBF stays offline troubleshooting

If your EthMonitoring says OFFLINE after setting all parameters, check if EWBF has API enabled. Also check firewall settings, sometimes they get blocked by windows firewall.

EthMonitoring EthMonitoring
EthMiner monitoring

To monitor your EthMiners you need to download our latest fork update with support for EthMonitoring:
To activate monitoring add these parameters:
--minername rig1 --accesstoken token

SGMiner monitoring

For SGMiner there is need to add API parameters in config file or command line.
--api-listen --api-allow

Excavator monitoring

To use Excavator API you need to enable TCP-JSON based access to it.
This can be done by adding this command line parameter (Default port should be 3456):

Setting up notifications for miners

Go to “Miners” and there is a “Bell” icon (green button) where you can set different notifications for your miner.
Always remember to reset the notification from the list to allow resending if already sent.

Setting up Telegram service

To setup Telegram service, get your telegram app from play store or itunes and setup your username.
Enter your username to Settings -> Telegram chat id Example: "@mytelegramuser"
Then open you telegram app/program and send message to bot: @EthMonitoringBot (Random message like: start)
In 60s you will receive message from bot that you are registered for usage.

Setting up SMS Service

To setup SMS API get your API key from:
Then insert your API key in Settings and set up your phone number, rembember phone number must start with "+"

Setting up Push notifications

Just download our Android application and notifications are automatically enabled.
-- Custom sounds can be configured on "Settings" page.

Monitoring daily profits for miners

EthMonitoring EthMonitoring

Mining rig suggestions

Motherboard: MSI Z170A
USB Risers: USB 3.0 Riser