Premium monitoring


Need to monitor more than 1 miner? Feel free to upgrade your account at the bottom of this page.
If you are interested in personal offer and have more than 50 miners, write us @ [email protected]



  • Total hashrate below required notifications
  • Fan speed too high notification
  • GPU hashrate below notification
  • GPU temp below notification
  • GPU temp too high notification
  • Allows offline notifications lower than 5 minutes

More profit graphs choices

Pools profit monitoring

Monitoring profits based on 24h, week and month.
Currently supported pools

  • (BTC)
  • (ETH)
  • (ZEC)
  • DGB-skein
  • DGB-Groestl
  • (ETH)
  • (ZEC)
  • (EXP)
  • (XMR)
  • (MUSIC)
  • (ZClassic)
  • ETH (ETH)
  • ETC (ETC)
  • ZCash (ZEC)
  • Pascal
  • SIA
  • Signatum (SIGT)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Decred (DCR)
  • ZCash (ZEC)
  • Nicehash profit monitoring (BTC)
  • Hash Refinery Mining Pool (BTC)
  • Pool.Mn (SIGT)
  • (ETH)
  • (SIGT)
  • (SC)
  • Dwarfpool (EXP)
  • Dwarfpool (ETH)
  • Dwarfpool (ZEC)
  • Dwarfpool (XMR)
  • Coinminer (SOIL)
  • (ETH)
  • (ETC)
  • (ZEC)
  • (DCR)
  • (XMR)

Miner uptime logging

Displays miner current uptime in list


Display efficiency rate for miner based on power usage and total hashrate

Total hashrate and current BTC prices (Updates every 15min)

Online/Offline + Hashrate display top bar

Ads free

No ads are displayed for premium users

Chat with all premium users

Chat with all premium users, share configs, ask help...

New features

All new features will be free for all premium users.

How to upgrade premium for miners

If you already have premium and want to increase miner count, new miner count will be automatically added to current count. Example: If you have 5 premium miners already and order 3 more, total would be 8.

Upcoming features

  • CCMiner 2.0 support
  • Pool information
  • Miners grouping
  • Miners re-ordering support
  • Allowing to set colors for temps/fan speeds and hashrates
  • Offline/online display options
  • Custom iOS notification sounds
  • Android widget
Our premium features are available only for $2 per miner for 30 days.
We accept BTC, LTC, ETH, DCR and ZCash. Your donation will be processed automatically. Click on "CoinPayments" to donate to us.
NB! Activation usually takes up-to 30 minutes, different coins have different confirmation periods.
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