GPU compare benchmark

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NameHashrateAlgoCore ClockMemory ClockPowerTypeDriver versionVersion
GeForce GTX 107032.14 Mh/sethash1936Mhz4544MHz127WWin. (EthControl)388.1311.9 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107026.58 Mh/sethash1936Mhz3802MHz119WWin. (EthControl)388.1311.9 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107031.91 Mh/sethash1657Mhz4455MHz106WWin. (EthControl)430.86PM 4.2c - ETC
GeForce GTX 107031.46 Mh/sethash1632Mhz4519MHz101WWin. (EthControl)430.86PM 4.2c - ETC
GeForce GTX 107031.99 Mh/sethash1632Mhz4519MHz104WWin. (EthControl)430.86PM 4.2c - ETC
GeForce GTX 107031.82 Mh/sethash1620Mhz4519MHz101WWin. (EthControl)430.86PM 4.2c - ETC
GeForce GTX 107032.08 Mh/sethash1645Mhz4519MHz103WWin. (EthControl)430.86PM 4.2c - ETC
GeForce GTX 107031.9 Mh/sethash1632Mhz4519MHz104WWin. (EthControl)430.86PM 4.2c - ETC
GeForce GTX 107032.14 Mh/sethash1657Mhz4519MHz105WWin. (EthControl)430.86PM 4.2c - ETC
GeForce GTX 107031.86 Mh/sethash1632Mhz4519MHz103WWin. (EthControl)430.86PM 4.2c - ETC
GeForce GTX 1070317271860Mhz4404MHz119WWin. (EthControl)419.35PM 4.2c - B2G
GeForce GTX 1070317411657Mhz4404MHz111WWin. (EthControl)419.35PM 4.2c - B2G
GeForce GTX 1070317481759Mhz4404MHz115WWin. (EthControl)419.35PM 4.2c - B2G
GeForce GTX 1070317501746Mhz4404MHz113WWin. (EthControl)419.35PM 4.2c - B2G
GeForce GTX 1070317491759Mhz4404MHz112WWin. (EthControl)419.35PM 4.2c - B2G
GeForce GTX 1070317511759Mhz4404MHz110WWin. (EthControl)419.35PM 4.2c - B2G
GeForce GTX 1070317461683Mhz4404MHz111WWin. (EthControl)419.35PM 4.2c - B2G
GeForce GTX 107033.78 Mh/sethash1923Mhz4353MHz160WWin. (EthControl)430.8614.7 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107033.79 Mh/sethash1949Mhz4353MHz162WWin. (EthControl)430.8614.7 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107032.01 Mh/sethash1632Mhz4452MHz103WWin. (EthControl)430.6414.7 - ETH