GPU compare benchmark

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NameHashrateAlgoCore ClockMemory ClockPowerTypeDriver versionVersion
GeForce GTX 107041873Mhz3893MHz115WMM OS (Linux)415.271.0
GeForce GTX 107041949Mhz3893MHz134WMM OS (Linux)415.271.0
GeForce GTX 107041771Mhz3893MHz135WMM OS (Linux)415.271.0
GeForce GTX 107042012Mhz3893MHz126WMM OS (Linux)415.271.0
GeForce GTX 107041949Mhz3893MHz124WMM OS (Linux)415.271.0
GeForce GTX 107041911Mhz3893MHz120WMM OS (Linux)415.271.0
GeForce GTX 107041771Mhz3893MHz124WMM OS (Linux)415.271.0
GeForce GTX 107041771Mhz3893MHz117WMM OS (Linux)415.271.0
GeForce GTX 107042012Mhz3893MHz130WMM OS (Linux)415.271.0
GeForce GTX 107041949Mhz3893MHz140WMM OS (Linux)415.271.0
GeForce GTX 107041860Mhz3893MHz115WMM OS (Linux)415.271.0
GeForce GTX 107028.99 Mh/sethash1771Mhz4100MHz104WMM OS (Linux)415.2712.0 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107028.96 Mh/sethash1657Mhz4100MHz109WMM OS (Linux)415.2712.0 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107028.85 Mh/sethash1759Mhz4100MHz116WMM OS (Linux)415.2712.0 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107028.89 Mh/sethash1809Mhz4100MHz120WMM OS (Linux)415.2712.0 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107028.85 Mh/sethash1708Mhz4100MHz119WMM OS (Linux)415.2712.0 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107029 Mh/sethash1759Mhz4100MHz119WMM OS (Linux)415.2712.0 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107028.88 Mh/sethash1721Mhz4100MHz119WMM OS (Linux)415.2712.0 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107029 Mh/sethash1759Mhz4100MHz111WMM OS (Linux)415.2712.0 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107015835219x16r1632Mhz3802MHz122WMM OS (Linux)415.271.0