GPU compare benchmark

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NameHashrateAlgoCore ClockMemory ClockPowerTypeDriver versionVersion
P106-1002.04 Mh/sethash607Mhz405MHz19WMM OS (Linux)396.2611.9 - ETH
P106-1002.04 Mh/sethash607Mhz405MHz20WMM OS (Linux)396.2611.9 - ETH
P106-10022.42 Mh/sethash1392Mhz4266MHz78WMM OS (Linux)396.2611.9 - ETH
P106-10022.44 Mh/sethash1404Mhz4266MHz78WMM OS (Linux)396.2611.9 - ETH
P106-10022.33 Mh/sethash1430Mhz4266MHz74WMM OS (Linux)396.2611.9 - ETH
P106-10022.27 Mh/sethash1442Mhz4252MHz75WMM OS (Linux)396.4511.9 - ETH
P106-10021.92 Mh/sethash1455Mhz4252MHz75WMM OS (Linux)396.4511.9 - ETH
P106-10022.36 Mh/sethash1468Mhz4266MHz79WMM OS (Linux)396.2611.9 - ETH
P106-10022.04 Mh/sethash1468Mhz4266MHz82WMM OS (Linux)396.2611.9 - ETH
P106-10022.32 Mh/sethash1468Mhz4266MHz80WMM OS (Linux)396.2611.9 - ETH
P106-10022.11 Mh/sethash1468Mhz4252MHz78WMM OS (Linux)396.4511.9 - ETH
P106-10022.44 Mh/sethash1468Mhz4252MHz66WMM OS (Linux)396.4511.9 - ETH
P106-10022.42 Mh/sethash1480Mhz4266MHz81WMM OS (Linux)396.2611.9 - ETH
P106-10022.39 Mh/sethash1480Mhz4266MHz78WMM OS (Linux)396.2611.9 - ETH
P106-10022.4 Mh/sethash1480Mhz4252MHz79WMM OS (Linux)396.4511.9 - ETH
P106-10022.42 Mh/sethash1480Mhz4252MHz78WMM OS (Linux)396.4511.9 - ETH
P106-10022.41 Mh/sethash1480Mhz4252MHz77WMM OS (Linux)396.4511.9 - ETH
P106-10022.42 Mh/sethash1480Mhz4252MHz79WMM OS (Linux)396.4511.9 - ETH
P106-10022.48 Mh/sethash1480Mhz4266MHz71WMM OS (Linux)396.2611.9 - ETH
P106-10022.51 Mh/sethash1480Mhz4266MHz75WMM OS (Linux)396.2611.9 - ETH