GPU compare benchmark

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NameHashrateAlgoCore ClockMemory ClockPowerTypeDriver versionVersion
GeForce GTX 107030.43 Mh/sethash1683Mhz4498MHz120WWin. (EthControl)385.2815.0 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107030.67 Mh/sethash1695Mhz4498MHz121WWin. (EthControl)385.2815.0 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107031.32 Mh/sethash1721Mhz4498MHz120WWin. (EthControl)385.2815.0 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107031.06 Mh/sethash1721Mhz4498MHz121WWin. (EthControl)385.2815.0 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107030.95 Mh/sethash1721Mhz4498MHz123WWin. (EthControl)385.2815.0 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107031.22 Mh/sethash1708Mhz4498MHz119WWin. (EthControl)385.2815.0 - ETH
GeForce GTX 107030.7 Mh/sethash1695Mhz4498MHz120WWin. (EthControl)385.2815.0 - ETH