GPU compare benchmark

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NameHashrateAlgoCore ClockMemory ClockPowerTypeDriver versionVersion
P106-10022.4 Mh/sethash0Mhz4266MHz0WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10022.45 Mh/sethash1506Mhz4266MHz72WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10022.27 Mh/sethash1468Mhz4266MHz77WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10022.4 Mh/sethash1455Mhz4266MHz80WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10022.38 Mh/sethash1506Mhz4266MHz82WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
P106-10022.43 Mh/sethash1531Mhz4266MHz80WMM OS (Linux)(not set)11.9 - ETH
Radeon RX Vega18551407Mhz925MHz0WWin. (EthControl)(not set)srbminer
Radeon RX Vega18541407Mhz925MHz0WWin. (EthControl)(not set)srbminer
Radeon RX Vega18851407Mhz925MHz0WWin. (EthControl)(not set)srbminer
Radeon RX Vega18921407Mhz925MHz0WWin. (EthControl)(not set)srbminer
Radeon RX Vega6775phi21407Mhz925MHz0WWin. (EthControl)(not set)0.9.2
Radeon RX Vega6820phi21407Mhz925MHz0WWin. (EthControl)(not set)0.9.2
Radeon RX Vega6862phi21407Mhz925MHz0WWin. (EthControl)(not set)0.9.2
Radeon RX Vega6905phi21407Mhz925MHz0WWin. (EthControl)(not set)0.9.2
GeForce GTX 1070 Ti6733phi21695Mhz3402MHz116WWin. (EthControl)399.070.9.2
GeForce GTX 10705697phi21594Mhz3402MHz98WWin. (EthControl)399.070.9.2
Radeon RX 570304541250Mhz2085MHz0WWin. (EthControl)(not set)PM 3.5d - VIC
Radeon RX 570304501250Mhz2085MHz0WWin. (EthControl)(not set)PM 3.5d - VIC
Radeon RX 570305921250Mhz2085MHz0WWin. (EthControl)(not set)PM 3.5d - VIC
Radeon RX 570305951250Mhz2085MHz0WWin. (EthControl)(not set)PM 3.5d - VIC