Take Full Miner Control

Take control over your ultimate Windows or Linux mining rig


Runs on both Linux and Windows operating systems
Remotely deploy new mining software like CCMiner, Claymore, GMiner, EthMiner and more..
Automatic triggers and actions for custom criterias
Supports EWBF auto-restart when cuda device thread exited
nVidia OC profiles with power limits and fan curves
AMD OC profiles with fan curves and voltage editing
Remote access to software console output
Mining Rig Rebooter fully supported
Remote start/stop of the mining software
Easily change and update mining configurations
miner monitoring and control

Web console for miner

Check remotely at any time and anywhere your mining rig software console, monitor outputs of Claymore dual-miner, GMiner, CCMiner, EthMiner and more other mining softwares easily.

Console is helpful in detecting configuration errors, software related bugs etc...

miner monitoring and control

Universal mining tool

EthControl supports almost every mining software available
You can easily deploy custom forks, new updates or totally custom software that even does not API access, EthControl takes local GPU informatsion directly for monitoring and controlling.
Our system supports applying bulk update configs across all windows miners and linux miners.

miner monitoring and control

Remotely deploy mining software updates and custom forks

Supporting custom mining software deployment for multiple mining rigs simultaneously
You can easily send out updates to hundres of rigs in few clicks, if a new mining software update comes out, there's only few clicks needed to deploy to all rigs.

Configurations for multiple different algos and coins

Mining rig configuration for different algos and coins with grouping options and bulk update
Availability to create custom configurations for different coins, algorithms and pools like NiceHash, RavenMiner, 2Miners and more
Our system supports also folder grouping for better structral configuration system.

Algo based OC profiles for mining rigs

Creating and applying OC profiles has never been easier, now you can apply new custom OC parameters for Linux/Windows and nVidia/AMD with few easy clicks
We use AMD overdriveNTool and Nvidia inspector, nvdia-smi tools to configure OC configurations for your mining rig.
Both Windows miners and Linux miners are supported and also AMD and Nvidia mining rigs supported.

Customizable fan curve support

You can create custom fan curves for AMD / nVidia rigs for both Windows and Linux
Custom fan curves for mining rigs are good if you whish to have a full control over your fan speeds
Also there's always possibility to add manual fixed fan speed for all gpu-s

Custom actions and triggers

Create custom actions and trigger for rigs to send notifications, reboot rig or even restart software when needed.

Supported software for controlling & monitoring

You can remote deploy software do your rigs

Claymore Dual miner
ZM Dstm
CCMiner (Forks also)
Gateless gate
T-Rex Miner
** We also support custom software uploading for mining software.