Need only monitoring?

We also support only monitoring for Windows and Linux


Monitoring thousands mining rigs from one pc
Local GPU data gathering if mining software does not provide all GPU related data
Compact view for quick and easy overview with sound alarms and automatic scrolling
Coloring options for high temperatures, fan speeds and power usage
Create custom status change notifications e.g. `offline`, `hashrate`, `online`, `temperature`, `fan speed`
EthMonitoring Rig Rebooter fully supported
Monitor your estimated daily profit

Monitoring mining rigs or AntMiners

Monitor multiple mining rigs or AntMiners from one pc with only few easy clicks

Graphs for overview

Monitoring hashrate, temperature, power and share graphs remotely at any time


Create custom notifications for temperature, hashrate, fan speed and more

Track your estimated daily profits

Set different coins for estimated profits calculation

Compact view for all mining rigs and AntMiners

Monitor hundreds of rigs with sound alarms, screen blinking and automatic scrolling