Remote Rig Rebooter

EthMonitoring Rig Rebooter reboots frozen mining rigs automatically

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Unfreeze your rigs automatically

Rig Rebooter is fully integratable with EthMonitoring system and will automatically reboot frozen mining rigs

Supports up to 8 mining rigs per rebooter
Configure offline time for rebooting
Manual remote control from web and apps
Receive notifications when rig is rebooting
Monitor room temperature with notifications
Monitor room humidity with notifications
Full status overview

View full status and logs online

Easily configure rigs

Assign rigs to different slots from the web app

Control mining rigs power

Reboot, Shutdown and Start your rigs from the web app

Rig Rebooter Mobile App

Take full control over your rigs with Rig Rebooter mobile app. Easily reboot and configure your rigs. Receive notifications on your phone every time your rigs rebooted automatically.

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What's included
User guide how to use and set up first time.
EthMonitoring custom rig rebooting software.
8 cables for rigs, to be connected into motherboard's shutdown PIN's.
2A microUSB charger for powering rig rebooter (EU 220V).

NB! Network cable is not included

NB! Requires active account for working!

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